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Is there any plan to develop an electric motorcycle or a more powerful e-bike based on the CIAO?

Not for the moment, the choice of an e-bike within the limits of 250 W and 25 km/h was made for the following reasons:

AESTHETICS. In developing the project we aimed to keep the characteristic design of the CIAO unchanged, as far as possible. Applying a more powerful engine, as was done on a development prototype by mounting a 350W engine, forces us to increase the volume of the batteries and install others, for example, on the roof rack, to obtain an acceptable autonomy for the type of vehicle, but this would have changed the design, as well as raising the center of gravity of the weights.

MANAGEMENT COSTS. In addition to installing the modification, which was already important in itself, the owner would also have had to face all the management costs (registration, insurance as a moped, etc.). Instead, we preferred to create a kit that allows the use of the vehicle while avoiding significant management costs.

USABILITY. This is one of the most important reasons. An e-bike can circulate practically anywhere in the city, without limitations. And this makes the new medium truly usable, fun and flexible.