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What are the technical characteristics of the KIT?

The kit is designed for urban and extra-urban use, on predominantly flat or moderately sloped terrain and roads. In these conditions it expresses its best and allows you to use the e-bike with a slow, soft and effortless pedaling. Even uphill the kit behaves decently, in such conditions you have to help the traction with the pedals in a more marked, but still not tiring, way.

The overall weight of the e-Bike is 37.2 kg (calculated on the Ciao PX), approximately 3 kg less than the 40 kg dry weight declared for the Ciao by the Piaggio manufacturer.

The assistance comes into operation as soon as the pedals are moved and can be adjusted in power (max 250W/32-45Nm) and speed, up to 25 km/h.

The auxiliary electrical services of the CIAO have been replaced: from 6 V AC to 12 V DC and a double USB socket has been provided to replace the tank cap for charging smartphones. The horn is of the 12V motorcycle type, therefore very powerful; the front and rear lights are LED type, but maintain the same lumens as the old incandescent bulbs.

With the installation of the transformation kit, the internal combustion engine with its coil, exhaust pipe and transmission belt are removed.

In addition to the structural modification of the chassis and installation of the mechanical support parts, the following components are systematically replaced: rear axle complete with tyre; side panels; footrest of the frame cradle; handlebar levers and grips; horn and headlight bulbs. The rear disc braking system is also installed which considerably increases braking capacity.