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What is the autonomy of the e-Bike?

EXTRA-URBAN AUTONOMY: approximately 35/38 KM with 36V - 17.5 Ah test batteries, on flat or low-slope extra-urban roads. 40/42 km with 36v 21 Ah batteries. Tests carried out with a driver weighing approximately 80 kg.

We currently install 24 and 25 A/h batteries, so the autonomy is even greater.

CITY AUTONOMY: approximately 25/30 Km with the same conditions (It can vary based on various factors: morphology of the territory, weight of the driver, number of stops and starts).

Charging times vary from 6 to 8 hours with an almost completely empty battery. The housing allows for easy extraction for charging at your workplace, so as to also double the autonomy of the e-bike, if used for home/work travel.