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Ambra Italia

Ambra Italia was born in June 2021 after almost two years of planning, trials, road tests and certifications, with the aim of finally bringing to the market a kit for the transformation of the Ciao Piaggio moped into an e-bike, respecting the original design .

Today, due to anti-pollution regulations, its circulation on the streets of our cities is prohibited. Many CIAOs are therefore abandoned in the garages or cellars of their owners who, however, refuse the idea of parting with them for emotional reasons. And they are right: for many of them CIAO was a faithful companion during the most beautiful and carefree period of their lives.

For this reason, bringing back to life an Italian icon that has been part of the lives of many represents a value for us. Our goal is to allow you to get back on your CIAO just like you used to: in complete freedom.

Here, we do this: we give new life to your CIAO in an absolutely eco-sustainable way, to let you live the legend again.

Take back your Freedom