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The Ambra Italia Schools project is aimed at technical and professional institutes interested in evaluating the inclusion of the transformation of the CIAO into an E-Bike within their training courses.

The project involves the supply of all the components of the kit and access to all the technical documentation for the preparation of the frame, assembly, intermediate and final testing, work documentation and process management. In addition to the technical/training assistance necessary to carry out the transformation in a workmanlike manner, and to be able to put the Ciao transformed into an E-Bike on the road.

This type of experience allows students to deal with current regulations, with technical documents such as Operating Instructions and to acquire a mentality aimed at Quality Control and problem solving.

It can therefore be very interesting for students, not only engaging from a technical point of view, but also representative of the future of urban mobility.

It is also an opportunity to get to know CIAO more closely, an icon of Made in Italy that has made the history of mobility for almost 40 years.

For further information write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.